Chrysler and GM Bankruptcies

Troubling Implications

The recent bankruptcies of Chrysler and GM have raised many questions. The question that comes to my mind is who is going to pay for their negligence? When an auto manufacturer goes out of business, and consumers continue to be seriously injured by that company's previously sold vehicles with auto defects, who is left with the bill?

Victims Denied Justice

These self-labeled "family friendly" are not only walking away from their responsibilities to consumers, but they aren't passing the bill to anyone. A person who was injured in a defective vehicle would simply have to deal with it. The new Chrysler has agreed to take responsibility for all existing warranty claims; this means that if a wheel falls off, the company will fix it. If the wheel falls off, the SUV rolls over and someone is killed or seriously injured as a result, the company will bear no responsibility for the personal losses suffered by victims. This approach to their bankruptcy is the same approach auto makers have pursued since the beginning; profit before people.

Wasted Opportunity

The government now owns most of GM. This being said, wouldn't we want to take the "profit before people" plan in a new direction? Isn't this the perfect opportunity for a fund that is specifically designed as a safety net to catch victims of defective vehicles that are still on the road? If the government can't hold auto manufacturers accountable when they own the company, what hope do we have of auto manufacturers taking responsibility for their own actions?

Same Story, Different Day

None of this is the least bit surprising. Chrysler is giving their word that "While a lot is changing at our company today, one thing is not: our commitment to you, our customers." This is hard to believe when victims such as Jeanne Polio of East Haven are facing the possibility of being left out in the cold. She was in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee when it was T-boned by another vehicle. The Jeep rolled over and its roof crushed leaving Jeanne a quadriplegic with medical bills that have already exceeded $1 million. She wanted her day in court -- wanted to be able to get her shot at forcing accountability on her attacker. Chrysler's commitment to Jeanne is questionable.


Letting these companies be absolved of their responsibilities is wrong. Consumers should never be treated as mere collateral damage. In the future, consumer advocates will ask Congress and the administration to take some kind of action on behalf of the people who have already suffered and to avoid future product defect cases. If you are looking for an auto defect attorney who has experience and success going up against the major car manufacturers, call Bisnar | Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP. They are the premier firm winning several cases against the top auto manufacturers. If you are a victim of auto manufacturer negligence, only the best will do.

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