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Do I have a case for my catastrophic injury?

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About Bisnar Chase Catastrophic Lawyers

Bisnar ChaseAny injury labeled as "catastrophic" is very serious and usually requires long term medical care and rehabilitation.

Bisnar Chase has a team of catastrophic lawyers that focus on those seriously injured in a car accident, on the job injury or injuries caused by car defects.

Our team has the resources and talent to take on the big cases that other firms cannot.

If you need legal advice about a catastrophic injury caused by roof crush injuries, Cal Trans negligence or a serious car accident, please call us at 949-203-3814.

You Get Better - We'll Take Care of the Rest

Focusing on healing is a top priority if you've had a serious accident. It's hard to do that when you are worried about paying your bills including medical care. At Bisnar Chase, we shield you from liability while your case is pending. A little peace of mind can go a long way in helping you get better. Our catastrophic injuries team will handle everything involved in your case including refering you to medical providers that will not bill you until your case settles. We are often able to negotiate reduced payment with many providers because of our years of working with them.

Our Mission:

To create a safer and more accountable world by holding wrong-doers accountable for the harm they cause in the form of just compensation for their victims.

The law firm of BISNAR CHASE is a committed group of like-minded professionals focused on superior representation of our clients. Our goal is to obtain outstanding results for our clients by holding the wrong-doers of our society accountable for their actions. We believe that we thereby create a safer and more accountable world.

The goals and objectives of BISNAR CHASE include:

The pursuit of "and Justice for All";

To champion personal rights and accountability;

To protect those who cannot protect themselves;

To level the playing field for consumers who are battling corporate/governmental giants.

To restore dignity and quality of life to our injured clients;

To obtain financial compensation for the victims of accidents, negligence and corporate irresponsibility;

To provide superior legal services;

To prevent injury and death from occurring by encouraging safe conduct;

To uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession;

To uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity;

Meet Our Founder

John Bisnar formed his law practice in 1978. John's always had one primary goal: treat your clients like family and the profits will follow. John also treats his staff like family and what he's created in doing so is an extremely loyal group of professionals dedicated to the Bisnar Chase mission. Mr. Bisnar is a true leader in so many ways. His influence on how the staff treat clients and each other is something rarely seen. His values have created a rock steady foundation of legal professionals who truly care.

John decided to start a personal injury practice after he was involved in a car accident. His lawyer was less than supportive and did a pretty lousy job. John decided that he'd provide a client experience like no other. Three decades later we have a 97.8 success rate and the majority of our business comes from former client referrals.

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Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

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Client Reviews of Bisnar Chase

“I put up something about these guys before, but its gone now... I had a really good experience with this firm. I didn't have a huge case, but they still called me on a regular basis and wrapped things up pretty quickly after I finished treating. I had a really good experience with this firm.”

by John P.

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