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Carson Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog Bite Attorneys in CarsonOver the last few decades, dog bites and attacks have been steadily increasing. There are more dog bite victims now than ever before, and those who suffer serious injuries will have to overcome resistance to their claims and hours of legal foot work to obtain fair compensation for their loss. Our Carson dog bite attorneys have been assisting dog attack victims since 1978 and know what needs to be done on your case to win. Our history of highly satisfied clients, 97.5% success rate, countless awards for superior client representation, and hundreds of millions of dollars recovered has made us one of the top law firms in the nation, and we deliver that experience to every client who walks through our doors.

Dog Bite Law Firm Partners

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, have instilled a passion for victims of personal injuries to each staff member. In John's youth, he suffered serious injuries in an auto accident and was improperly represented by his attorney. He felt that injury victims need representation that assists them on a personal and professional level, and put his passion into action when he created Bisnar and Associates in 1978. John teaches seminars which help other law firms improve their client representation and office efficiency.

Brian Chase has achieved more in court than many other attorneys combined. In the last year, Brian has obtained millions of dollars in settlement and verdicts. Most recently, Brian obtained a 24.7 million dollar verdict for a client who suffered serious injuries. His dedication to holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions and courtroom accomplishments helped him win Trial Lawyer of the Year.

Dog Bite Statistics

Our Carson dog bite lawyers have represented clients who have been bitten by many different breeds; dogs can attack without warning and although some breeds are more prone to attacking, all breeds have the potential to do so. Having assisted many victims, it has become painfully obvious that any dog can become a vicious weapon at any moment. The following are dog bite statistics from dogbites.org.

  • The average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay in 2008 was $18,000, approximately 50 percent higher than the average injury-related hospital stay.
  • There were 4 times as many dog bite-related emergency department visits and 3 times as many hospital stays in rural areas than in urban areas.
  • At least 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 human dog bite related fatalities during the past 20 years. Pit bulls and Rottweiler's were involved in over half of these fatalities.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Carson with Trial Experience

Some dog bite attorneys in Carson are used to settling dog bite claims outside of court. This way, they save costs and do not have to really fight for clients who get their claims denied. If you have a dog bite claim, and the entity in which you are suing continues to deny your claim, these attorneys will be unable to assist you with a full trial. Our success in the courtroom has been record-breaking; insurance companies are fully aware of our capabilities in obtaining compensation for our clients through long trials. This helps us to obtain quicker resolutions with higher compensation based on our reputation for success.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Carson

If you are looking for an attorney who will get you maximum compensation for your case, as well as keep you informed throughout the entire process, contact one of our dog bite lawyers in Carson today to take advantage of your free consultation. Our No Win No Fee guarantee ensures that if your case is not won, you will not have to pay us.

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