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California Leads the Nation in Fatal Dog Bite Injuries

DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims' advocacy group, has released a study, which shows that California California dog bite injury attorneysand North Carolina led the nation when it came to the most dog bite-related fatalities in 2012. The group's Jan. 11 news release states that in 2012, pit bulls contributed to 61 percent of fatal dog attacks nationwide.

California and North Carolina had the most number of fatal dog bite incidents in 2012, according to a study released on Jan. 11 by the dog bite victims' advocacy group, DogsBite.org. The report says each of the states reported four dog attack fatalities that year and that 75 percent of the fatalities in California occurred in San Diego County.

The study also determined that pit bulls as a breed were most often involved in fatal dog attacks. The report states that of the 38 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2012, pit bulls were involved in 61 percent or 23 of the incidents despite the fact that they comprise less than 5 percent of the total U.S. dog population. Rottweilers contributed to 8 percent of these deaths followed by German shepherds and mixed breeds.

Here are some of the highlights of DogBites.org's report:

  • Half of the dog bite victims in 2012 were children aged 8 or younger.
  • Of these 79 percent belonged to the 0 to 2 age group
  • Roughly one-third of all dog bite fatality victims were visiting or living temporarily with the dog's owner when the attack happened.
  • Only 5 percent of the fatalities involved a tethered dog
  • Rescued dogs accounted for at least 13 percent of fatal attacks.

This report offers some new insights and reinforces what we already know about dog attacks, said John Bisnar, founder of the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. "Each year, we see that pit bulls and rottweilers lead the pack when it comes to fatal dog attacks. Although pit bull advocates argue otherwise, the numbers speak for themselves. When you look at the hard numbers, these breeds do seem dangerous and may not be the best choice for families."

Dog bite victims often suffer major injuries, both physical and psychological, Bisnar says. "We have seen the havoc dog attacks can wreak both on the bodies and minds of these victims. Individuals attacked by dogs suffer, regardless of age. It is crucial that dog owners act responsibly and help prevent these tragic incidents."

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