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Experienced Burbank Car Accident Lawyer Says, Log Injuries After a Car Accident, But Don't Risk Your Health

Heaven forbid you ever suffer a car accident, but if you do, seasoned Burbank car accident attorney will tell you that there are important things to keep in mind when recording your medical costs and expenses. Those who operate a motor vehicle in Burbank, California, may someday need the sound advice of a car collision lawyer.

The Car Accident Statistics are Undeniable

Looking just a few years back to 2006, the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reported that seven people were killed and 580 were injured in Burbank car crashes. In addition, one pedestrian was killed and 49 were injured in car collisions. Car accidents also injured 30 bicyclists and 10 motorcyclists. Motorists who drove "under the influence" caused four fatalities and 34 injuries. In 2007, five car collisions ended in five deaths.

Keep a Record of Your Injuries, But Don't Obsess Over Them

Virtually every Burbank accident injury lawyer who has spent a few decades in dealing with car collision injury cases will advise his or her clients to keep accurate records of their medical condition after a car crash. They know that damage claims are much more credible when they are backed up by the injured person's own log entries. Experienced car crash lawyers warn their clients, however, that they should avoid this procedure if it causes them to obsess excessively over their health. The increase in compensation these detailed records provide may, for some, not be worth the emotional trauma caused by dwelling on one's injuries.

Find a Car Accident Lawyer with Experience and a Successful Track Record

If you've been injured in a car crash, you need the sage advice of a skilled and trusted car crash lawyer. There simply are too many important things you need to know before you go to court or try to settle at the negotiating table. The knowledge and experience of a good Burbank car crash lawyer can be invaluable in arriving at a fair settlementfor your car collision injuries.

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