Don't Settle Too Fast, Says Brea Car Accident Lawyer

A savvy Brea car accident lawyer will advise you to slow down when negotiating a car injury settlement and to be very cautious when signing insurance release forms. "There are just too many things you should know when dealing with insurance companies after a car accident," says John Bisnar. Before we get into details, a brief overview of car accidents in Brea, California may help.

Car Accidents in Brea Occur More Often Than You Think

In 2006, statistics from the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) revealed that 260 people were injured in Brea car crashes. A total of 17 bicyclists and 17 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents. Motorcycle collisions injured five. Drunk drivers caused 30 injuries. In 2007 and 2008, one car accident caused one fatality every year.

Signing a Release Form May Preclude You From Collecting Future Claims

Experienced Brea car accident lawyers will tell you that up to ninety-five percent of car-crash injury claims are settled outside the courtroom. "A smart lawyer will tell you not accept an early or low-ball settlement just to get some money," notes John Bisnar. "You should avoid rushing into any decision, and if need be, seek the advice of a car accident lawyer if you don't understand something." Keep in mind, in California, you have two years to settle your claim or file a lawsuit. Take advantage of that time to note any additional injuries that arise out of your car accident. Ask your doctor, chiropractor or other medical professional about your recovery, or about any potential problems that could occur later on.

Review the "Release and Waiver" with a Car Accident Lawyer

Armed with the information about your overall medical condition, you should consult a car collision lawyer to negotiate your fair settlement with the insurance claims adjuster. Once you've agreed on a settlement, the insurance company will want to protect itself from further action at a later time--in case, for example, you need back surgery a year later. So before writing you a check, they'll ask you to sign a "Release and Waiver" form. To be on the safe side, you'll want to review this from with a car accident lawyer to ensure that the conditions are reasonable, and that you will be paid without delay.

Ask a Car Accident Lawyer to Explain All Your Rights

A respected Brea car crash lawyer will apprise you of your rights when negotiating your settlement and when signing insurance release forms. Some of the most trusted lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations. And most will work for you on a contingency basis (which means you don't pay unless they win or settle).

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