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Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Assault in NYC

By John Bisnar on November 29, 2012 - No comments

A woman who was punched in the face by Lindsay Lohan is shown here leaving the night club where the assult took place.Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again.

This time on the East Coast where she was intercepted by police at 4:00 a.m. this morning for assaulting a woman and punching her on the right side of her face.

The woman, pictured here looked visibly shaken leaving the club and a large red welt was obvious on the side of her face.

This arrest for assault on a person is going to cause a lot of problems for Lindsay Lohan.  She is currently on probation for a jewelry theft charge last year and in June of this year she was involved in a car accident and allegedly lied to police about who was driving. Lindsay claimed at the time that she was not driving when the car accident occurred but witnesses came forward to confirm she was the one behind the wheel.

She has been charged in that crime for lying to a peace officer which violated her probation. This charge from this morning also violated her probation which could land  her in jail.

TMZ reports Lindsay has been charged with 4 crimes as of the morning including the assault and  battery that just occurred and the June 2012 car accident.

On Sunday night of last week, Lindsay’s new movie “Liz & Dick” — a story on the life of Elizabeth Taylor premiered on the Lifetime network to horrible reviews. Numerous outlets and critics called the movie a cheap version of an SNL skit. The movie only pulled in 3 million views and Lifetime played it a second night, no doubt, in hopes to get their money’s worth.

A director who worked on the movie was said to have told people that working with Lindsay was a real challenge because of all her legal issues and rules of probation.

Will this victim sue?

Lindsay Lohan may not have as much money as an A list celebrity like Brad Pitt or Halle Berry but she still has money and this victim could file a civil case against Lindsay for personal injuries.

Whether she goes forward with a civil suit remains to be seen, but typically she could ask for her medical bills to be paid, pain and suffering and other factors that we often see in a personal injury claim. If she sustained permanent damage from the attack — say loss of hearing to the ear where the punch appeared to be near, she could ask for more monetary compensation.

It was reported last week that Charlie Sheen stepped in and gave Lindsay $100,000.00 to pay towards a tax debt and that by the end of this year Lindsay will make around 2 million dollars. When you compare that to what other celebrities are making, it’s not a lot of money. Then again, work has been scarce for Lindsay Lohan and these latest troubles will no doubt affect future work for the troubled starlet.


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