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Hyundai Recalls 13,500 Vehicles Due to Shattering Sunroofs

By John Bisnar on December 24, 2012 - No comments

December 23, 2012—South Korea—Hyundai Motor Company is recalling about 13,500 vehicles due to sunroof defects that may lead to shattering and injury to drivers or passengers, according to an article in the New York Daily News.

The Veloster and Sunroof Issues

The company found that the 2012 Veloster model may have had its panoramic sunroof incorrectly installed.  This incorrect installation leads to possible weakening and eventual shattering of the sunroof while the car is in operation.  The company has filed a report with the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and issued a general recall for the 2012 Veloster models with the sunroof defects.

The Veloster is a three-door compact model manufactured by Hyundai.  The models in question were produced from November 1, 2011, through April 17, 2012.  All vehicles were manufactured in South Korea.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Position

The NHTSA has so far received 11 complaints of shattering or exploding 2012 Veloster sunroofs.  All of the defects occurred when the car was in motion; some occurred when the car was traveling at normal highway speed.  Fortunately, no injuries or collisions have been reported so far as a result of this defect.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is cooperating with Hyundai to issue a general recall of the affected models.  While the NHTSA is not responsible for the recall notice, it will advertise the recall along with the company to try to reach the maximum number of affected customers.

What Will Hyundai Do To Fix the Problem?

The recall will begin in January.  Hyundai plans to notify customers who have purchased these vehicles and advise them to return their cars to the dealership for inspection and a free replacement of the sunroof if necessary.  There have been 32,886 Velosters sold in 2012 in the United States, according to information from Autodata Corp.  Of these cars, about one-third are affected by the current recall.

How Does A Recall Affect Liability for Injury?

Recalls do not affect an auto maker’s liability for injuries sustained in crash stemming from the problem addressed by the recall.  If a car owner does not hear about the recall or has not had an opportunity to have the problem fixed, the victim is still entitled to damages if he or she is injured in an accident.

For victims who have suffered injury in a crash caused by a manufacturer’s defect in a car, it is very important for the individual to seek help from a product liability attorney.  A lawyer who handles defective product cases can advise the victim about his or her rights under the law and how to hold the company accountable for the injuries caused by the defect in the product.

Victims may be entitled to payment of medical bills from injuries sustained due to the product, as well as compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.  The victim may also be able to recover money for lost wages from time missed at work due to injuries, increased living expenses, and permanent loss of abilities due to injuries.


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