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Florida Knee Replacement Lawyers

By Bisnar Chase on June 20, 2012 - No comments

Knee Replacement Attorneys FloridaFollowing a significant number of inquiries to knee replacement attorneys in Florida, the legal professionals at Bisnar | Chase are supplying patients with knee replacement implants free lawsuit information.

Patients across the U.S. have endured complications following their knee replacement surgery, and many of them are interested in pursuing product liability claims against the product manufacturers.

Brian Chase and John Bisnar, Bisnar | Chase knee replacement law firm partners, are working with several victims to obtain compensation for injuries that resulted from using knee implants.

Having successfully obtained numerous multimillion dollar settlement and verdicts for defective product victims in the past, Brian and John believe that a number of defective knee implant patients will receive monetary compensation.

Justice for Florida Victims

Manufacturers of knee replacement implants are not free to produce defective products without judgment. Product manufacturers have a responsibility to provide their consumers with a reasonably safe product. If they fail to do so, they may open the doors for products liability attorneys.

In the past, a number of companies responsible for producing defective products were found to knowingly create them. They knew that their product was dangerous, but they placed the importance of their profit margins above the safety of their consumers.

Whether or not these knee replacement implant manufacturers did the same is doubtful, but they are still in a position to be held accountable for creating a product that they should have known was dangerous.

Evidence Links High Failure Rates

Studies have been released linking several knee replacement products to high failure rates. Data was released at an Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conference in 2010 that illustrated dangers associated with Zimmer knee replacements, and there have been several more.

Over one hundred Class 2 recalls have been issued for a number of different knee replacement devices, but there are still some knee implant patients who are unaware of the dangers associated with their devices.

Defective Knee Implants

If you have been using any of the following knee implant devices and have experienced extreme pain, or had to undergo revision surgery, it may be in your best interest to contact one of our knee replacement attorneys immediately.

  • Smith & Nephew
    • Profix II
    • Oxinium Genesis II
  • Encore
    • 3D Knee System
    • Foundation Knee System
  • Depuy and Sulzer
    • Hylamer Polyethylene Bearing Surface

    Several knee replacement devices have been linked to high failure, more devices are expected to be recalled as studies continue to be released.

    Florida Patient Side Effects

    • Revision Surgery
    • Knee pain and swelling
    • Limping
    • Decreased range of motion
    • Problems supporting weight

    Florida Knee Implant Attorneys

    If you or a loved one are utilizing a failed knee implant, contact a Bisnar | Chase class action attorney for a free professional evaluation of your case. Florida victims can call 1-8000-561-4887 to receive free information about knee replacement lawsuits and a free case evaluation.

    Disclaimer: Bisnar | Chase attorneys handle knee replacement cases nationwide from their Newport Beach, Ca office where they are licensed. Victims in Florida may call Bisnar | Chase to receive representation for their Florida knee replacement lawsuit. Bisnar | Chase is not soliciting victims in states for which they are not licensed.


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