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Car Accidents

Car Accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in California today, and they are preventable in almost all circumstances. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys blogs about car accidents that happen in Southern California as a way to maintain awareness about the dangers of car crashes and hopefully prevent injuries or deaths from happening in the future.

If you are in need of a personal injury attorney due to injuries sustained in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact Bisnar Chase by calling us at (800) 561-4887, or filling out the contact form to the right!

DA Files Charges In Orange County Hit-and-Run Case

By Brian Chase on March 30, 2015 - No comments

Hit and Run AccidentThe Orange County District Attorney’s office has filed charges against four people who were in a car that allegedly ran over the legs of a waitress outside Mexico Lindo Que Rico restaurant in Anaheim the night of March 22, 2015.

According to a news report in OC Weekly, 24-year-old Rowshaid Cordell Pellum was charged with one felony count of felony hit-and-run with injury, one felony count of aggravated assault and …Read the rest »


Car Plows Into Four Students Near USC Campus Gate

By Brian Chase on February 27, 2015 - No comments

USC Car AccidentFour students were injured, one critically, after a car struck them near a USC campus gate.

According to a City News Report, the pedestrian accident occurred around noon at Jefferson Boulevard and McClintock Avenue.

The sedan ended up on the sidewalk after crashing into a pole. One of the injured pedestrians, a 24-year-old woman, was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

The three other victims were treated at the scene and released.

Officials said the 23-year-old woman who was driving the sedan …Read the rest »

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Police Ask for Phone Records In Bruce Jenner Car Crash

By Brian Chase on February 16, 2015 - No comments

Bruce Jenner Car AccidentLos Angeles Sheriff’s investigators contacted Bruce Jenner and other drivers involved in a fatal chain-reaction crash in Malibu to ask for access to their cell phone records.

According to an Associated Press news report, police are trying to determine if distracted driving played a part in a four-vehicle crash on Pacific Coast Highway on February 7, 2015.

Police say these types of requests have become routine in crashes where someone has been seriously injured or killed.

Jenner’s publicist has said that the Olympic gold medalist was …Read the rest »

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Three Injured in Anaheim Car Accident

By Brian Chase on January 6, 2015 - No comments

car crashThree people were injured in an Anaheim car accident after a vehicle hit the wall of a Bank of America branch on South Harbor Boulevard. According to a news report in the Orange County Register, the injury collision occurred the afternoon of January 1, 2014 in the 2200 block of South Harbor Boulevard. Injured in the crash were a husband and wife from Arizona who had been standing in front of one of the ATMs and another woman who had been using the next ATM.

Police said all three were taken to an area trauma center for treatment. The man and the other woman suffered critical injuries while the man’s wife is said to be in stable condition. All the victims are expected to survive. The driver of the vehicle, a silver Jeep, cooperated with the police. No arrests or citations were reported. Police said alcohol did not seem to have been a factor in this crash.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the three injured victims of this collision. We wish them the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Crash Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2012 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), 16 fatalities and 2,267 injuries were reported as a result of traffic accidents in the city of Anaheim. In Orange County as a whole, 148 people died and 14,029 were injured due to traffic collisions during the same year.

What Caused the Collision?

Based on this news report, it appears that the driver of the Jeep lost control and crashed into the ATM users. The specifics of this incident are not clear and there are still several unanswered questions here. Why did the driver lose control of the vehicle? Was he under the influence or disoriented? Was he distracted? Was he talking on a cell phone or to passengers at the time of the crash? Did he press the accelerator or place the vehicle in wrong gear? Was he reckless or inattentive? Was there some type of mechanical malfunction that caused this collision? We trust officials will look into these and other issues in order to determine precisely what occurred here and why.

Protecting Victims’ Rights

If the driver of the Jeep is determined to have been at fault he could be held liable for the injuries, damages and losses caused. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, permanent injury and emotional distress. Victims would also be well advised to contact an experienced Anaheim personal injury lawyer who will stay abreast of the official investigation and ensure that their legal rights and best interests are protected.

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Arrest Made In Newport Beach Hit-and-Run Collision

By Brian Chase on January 5, 2015 - No comments

Hit and Run AccidentA San Clemente man has been arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run crash in Newport Beach early morning on Jan. 1, 2015 that killed 23-year-old Travis Marton of Valencia.

According to a report in the Orange County Register, the fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Newport Coast Drive and Pacific Coast Highway.

A motorist reported to Newport Beach police about a possible …Read the rest »


Five Teenagers Killed in Orange County Car Accident

By Brian Chase on October 6, 2014 - No comments

Five Capistrano Valley High School students were killed and one is in grave condition after the vehicle in which they were traveling veered out of control and crashed on the Interstate 5 on October 4, 2014 in a fiery Orange County car accident. According to a news report in the Orange County Register, four of the deceased victims have been identified as Alex Sotelo, Matthew Melo, Brandon Moreno and Jenny Campos. One girl has not yet been identified. The driver, Bradley Morales, underwent surgery and remains at the intensive care unit. …Read the rest »

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