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Brian Chase to be Featured in Defective Automobile Seat Report on Thursday Night's FOX 11 Ten O'Clock News, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2010

Brian Chase, a top California personal injury attorney and auto defects expert, will be featured tonight Thursday, May 20, 2010, on FOX 11 Ten O'Clock News Los Angeles in a special report about defective automobile seats. The report is scheduled to air during the station's 10:00 PM news broadcast (PDT).

The segment is set to highlight the ever growing problem of automobiles equipped with defective seats as well as two lawsuits handled by BISNAR CHASE, a California personal injury law firm. One case involves a woman who sustained catastrophic personal injury due to a defective car seatback. The other involves a woman whose young daughter was killed as the result of a defective seat that failed to properly protect the vehicle's occupants during a traffic collision.

One of the cases (LA Superior County #BC386031 consolidated with #GC039767) is currently pending against Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of an alleged defective car seat that failed to properly protect plaintiff Jaklin Romine during an October 2006 rear-end collision. According to court documents, Jaklin's seatback broke and collapsed rearward, permitting her body to submarine backward and underneath her seatbelt and shoulder restraints during a rear-end collision at a Pasadena, California intersection. As a result, Jaklin struck the rear passenger seatback causing her to sustain catastrophic head and spinal injuries that rendered her an incomplete quadriplegic.

The other case (Riverside County Superior Court # RIC361201), which was settled against Ford Motor Company for an undisclosed amount, revealed how a defective seatback slammed into the chest of Stephanie Collins' seven-year-old daughter, Crystal, who was sitting directly behind her mother during a rear-end collision in July 2000. Even though the car was hit at less than 30 MPH, its defective seat careened backwards, causing Crystal to suffer fatal injuries just one month before her eighth birthday.

During taping of the upcoming FOX news report, Brian discussed with the segment's producers the inadequacy of a 40-year seatback manufacturing standard known as FMVSS 207, which he refers to as providing "pathetic" occupant protection in even the most moderate rear-end collisions. According to Brian, seatbacks often collapse in rear-end collisions at speeds as low as 20 MPH, allowing occupants to careen backwards into rear passenger compartments. As a result, defective seats expose front and rear seat occupants to significant risk of catastrophic personal injuries and death.

During taping, Brian also highlighted side-by-side crash tests performed by BISNAR CHASE that clearly demonstrate how rigid seatback designs are safer during rear-end collisions than "softer" designs currently being manufactured -- and vehemently deemed safe -- by a majority of today's automakers, even though crash tests prove otherwise.

Brian was asked to weigh in on the upcoming FOX news report based on his longstanding auto defects expertise and his well-known book Still Unsafe at Any Speed. Additionally, BISNAR CHASE is nationally-known as tough-as-nails consumer advocates and leading auto defects attorneys, with past and pending seatback defect cases against well-known automakers such as GM, Chrysler and Ford.

After Thursday night's report, the FOX 11 Ten O'clock news segment featuring Brian will be available at the BISNAR CHASE website, www.BestAttorney.com and the firm's blog www.ProductDefectNewsAndAdviceBlog.com.


The BISNAR CHASE California personal injury law firm represents people who have been very seriously injured or lost a family member due to an accident, defective product or negligence. The auto defects law firm has won a wide variety of auto defect cases against most of the major auto manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler. See their website for a complimentary copy of Mr. Chase's auto defect book, Still Unsafe at Any Speed: Auto Defects that Cause Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries.

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