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Boys to Men Conducts Record-Breaking Training Event

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2009

The New England Chapter of Boys to Men Mentoring Network recently conducted a huge training event that set an historical milestone for the global boys mentoring organization.

Over 100 Boys and Men From Montreal to San Diego

On August 19, the New England chapter hosted the largest Boys to Men weekend ever. A total of 30 boys were enrolled to participate in a huge training encounter that would change their lives and ultimately guide them to manhood. The weekend brought together 20 Journeymen (boys who have already gone through the weekend) and a staff of 50 men. The result was a 100-person training event that drew participants from such widely diverse locations as Montreal, Rochester, Atlanta, Boston, Hartford, San Diego and throughout Vermont and Connecticut. Their goal was to work and play hard, to prepare boys for responsible adulthood, and to train the men that would lead them.

Montreal Took the Lead

The weekend's first Boys to Men leadership development team effort was launched by David Cordes of Montreal. A total of 12 men identified themselves as leaders in training. The program was structured for these men to step up and don the mantel of leadership. Good leaders are needed to accommodate the rapid expansion of this powerful program. And this kicked off the weekend to a great start.

Boys and Men Dedicated Over 56,000 Volunteer Hours

The weekend proved hugely successful. Evaluations and peer reviews were provided for each of the 12 men who stepped up to the challenge. Thanks to their dedication and commitment, Boys to Men has an ever-growing pool of talented leaders to ensure the excellence and quality of future growth. "This program is a miracle," said Joe Sigurdson, a Boys to Men founder. "I couldn't be prouder of the boys and men who have dedicated over 56,000 volunteer hours this year to make this all possible."

Role Models and Mentors For Boys When They Need It Most

Boys to Men provides positive role models and mentors to guide boys aged 13-17 through their passage to manhood. It offsets the negative influences like gangs, drugs, Internet pornography, and teen pregnancies that pervasively surround today's boys. With far too few positive male role models to guide them, too many good boys are drawn into destructive lives, paths they might have avoided had a mentor been there to offer positive options, weigh consequences and choose the right path. Boys to Men goes beyond mentoring to bring good men and role models into boys' lives. Boys learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect as mentors guide them to become responsible men.

Three-Part Program Guides Boys to Men Around the World

With so many boys growing up fatherless, Boys to Men fills a leadership need. "Over 3,300 boys have gone through the Boys to Men program," said Joe Sigurdson "We've grown exponentially in the last few years, with centers in 28 cities and four countries."

Boys to Men has three components: Reclaim Your Teenage Fire Training gives men a new perspective on mentoring boys; Rites of Passage Adventure (ROPA) Weekend provides a powerful bonding experience that creates trust, respect and builds close connections between boys and their Mentors; and Ongoing Group Mentoring (ROPA graduates) meet their Mentors every two weeks to continue strengthening the bonds they formed during the ROPA weekend. "Boys and Mentors spend more time together on this weekend than a typical mentor program provides in six months," exclaimed Sigurdson.

Boys to Men Needs Your Support!

The Boys to Men Mentoring Network (a non-profit 501-c3 corporation). Those who wish to get involved with Boys to Men, either individually or as a corporate sponsor, should call (619) 469-9599. More information is available at www.boystomen.org.

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