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Boys to Men Raises $125,000

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2009

As many as 60 patrons of the Boys To Men Mentoring Network recently gathered in the La Jolla home of Nancy and Michael Kaehr to support the noble work being done around the world by the mentoring program known as Boys to Men. The evening was a huge success raising over $125,000.00 -- almost 33% of their annual budget.

Most Successful Fundraiser Ever

"After months of planning and the hard work of ten committed volunteers lead by committee chair Teresa Bertino, Boys To Men of San Diego pulled off its most successful fundraiser ever," said Joe Sigurdson, a Boys to Men founder. The dedicated team hosted five separate house parties, each designed to inform guests about the program. Attendees were approached by committee members to answer any questions about the program and to gauge their interest and level of commitment. Those who showed an interest in helping Boys to Men were invited to a formal party for a night of pampering and inspiration.

Anonymous Donors Ignite Donations Frenzy

The evening began with a silent auction at the La Jolla home of Nancy and Michael Kaehr. Among the many featured items were a 15-foot sea kayak, two Lakers' floor seats donated by John and Kimberly Bisnar, and original artwork from renowned Artist Gene Locklear, who was present for the event. Todd Sanders, the Kaehr's personal chef served up a delicious sea bass meal. Next came a stirring presentation by Boys to Men founders Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain. Then a donor who wished to remain anonymous was so moved after meeting with Joe and Craig, he made a $25,000.00 donation to Boys to Men. He talked about the passion, planning and vision that had been invested in creating a three-, five- and ten-year business plan. His donation was immediately matched by another anonymous donor. These big commitments inspired the crowd into a frenzy of donations that totaled over $125,000.

Bringing Good Mentors and Role Models into Boys' Lives

Boys to Men was created to guide boys aged 13-17 through their passage to manhood. Inundated with negative influences like gangs, drugs, Internet pornography, and teen pregnancies, boys today have far too few positive role models of masculinity to guide them. The unfortunate result is that too many good boys are drawn into destructive lives, roads they may not have chosen if only a mentor had been there to offer positive options, to weigh consequences and choose the right path. More than just a mentoring program, Boys to Men brings good men, mentors and role models into boys' lives. Boys learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect as mentors guide them to become responsible men.

Three-Part Program Guides Boys to Men Worldwide

"Over 3,300 boys have gone through the Boys to Men program," said Joe Sigurdson "It's a vacuum of masculine leadership that begs to be filled, especially with so many boys growing up fatherless. The good news is that we've grown exponentially in the last few years, with centers in 22 cities and three countries."

Boys to Men has three components: Reclaim Your Teenage Fire Training gives men a new perspective on mentoring boys; Rites of Passage Adventure (ROPA) Weekend provides a powerful bonding experience that creates trust, respect and builds close connections between boys and their Mentors; and Ongoing Group Mentoring has (ROPA graduates) meet their Mentors every two weeks to continue strengthening the bonds they formed during the ROPA weekend. "Boys and Mentors spend more time together on this weekend than a typical mentor program provides in six months," exclaimed Sigurdson.

Boys to Men Needs Your Support!

The Boys to Men Mentoring Network (a non-profit 501-c3 corporation). Those who wish to get involved with Boys to Men, either individually or as a corporate sponsor, should call (619) 469-9599. More information is available at www.boystomen.org. Also see the founders on FOX TV at http://www.boystomen.org/boys-to-men/youth-mentoring/fox-news6-06262008.

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