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Baldwin Park Car Accident Lawyers

Today's highly skilled Baldwin Park car accident lawyers say you need more than a few phone calls to skillfully negotiate a car collision injury settlement. One key item is the Demand Package. Before considering its contents, we'll provide a short reminder of just how many car accidents occur in Baldwin Park, California.

What to Include in a Demand Package

A skilled Baldwin Park accident injury lawyer will advise that before you respond to the insurance company's initial offer, you'll need to assemble a "Demand Package" and send to the insurance adjuster. The package includes a cover letter and a record of the evidence that supports your claim.

"The cover letter should summarize the evidence and include a dollar figure for both economic and pain & suffering damages," says John Bisnar. The letter should provide details about the accident and explain why the company's insured person was at fault. "You can also include information about the driver's condition at the time of the accident," adds Bisnar.

"If the driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the driver had 'priors' -- previous arrests for DUIs, citations for speeding, reckless driving, street racing, driving without a license or suspended license, you should include that as well," says Bisnar.

Baldwin Park car crash lawyers say these facts can increase your negotiating power, since adjusters know that judges and juries regard these infractions with disdain. Lastly, ask for more compensation than you expect to receive.

Consult a Baldwin Park Car Accident Lawyer if You Need Help with Demand Package

The most experienced car accident lawyers can help you assemble an effective Demand Package. One that will heighten your negotiating power and help ensure a fair settlement sum. Some trustworthy car collision lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations.

If sustained car accident injuries, it pays to seek the advice of a Baldwin Park car accident lawyer before you start negotiating with insurance companies.

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