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Do I have a case for my unintended acceleration defect?

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Bisnar Chase Comments on Massive Fine: Toyota Corp. is fined $17.35 million for delaying recall for floor mat issue

California auto products liability attorney talks about the penalty faced by Toyota Motor Corporation. According to a Dec. 18, 2012 NHTSA report, the Japanese automaker has agreed to pay a record fine of $17.35 million for failing to report in a timely manner, a serious safety defect relating to floor mats that could cause vehicles to suddenly accelerate.

toyota floor mat recallToyota Motor Corporation has agreed to pay up an unprecedented $17.35 million fine for failing to report a safety defect to the U.S. government in a timely manner. According to a Dec. 18 NHTSA report, the fine is linked to a safety recall involving 154,036 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX450h vehicles in June to address a risk of loose floor mats that could force down the gas pedal causing sudden or unintended acceleration . This is the highest fine ever for not issuing a recall in a timely manner, the report states.

Toyota has agreed to the settlement without admitting any violation of its U.S. safety obligations, the NHTSA report states. NHTSA contacted the automaker in May after it noticed a trend of floor mat pedal entrapment in vehicle owner questionnaires, but was not told by Toyota until a month later that there were 63 alleged incidents and that it would launch a recall, the report states. Under federal law, automakers are required to notify the agency within five business days to determine that a safety defect exists and to conduct a recall, a Yahoo! report notes.

"Delaying a recall can have devastating effects for consumers," said John Bisnar, founder of the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. "It is the legal responsibility of automakers and all product manufacturers to make consumers aware about any safety defects and potential hazards."

Bisnar said that a timely recall is not an option, but a serious public safety matter. "These issues cannot and must not be taken lightly. It's necessary in order to save lives and prevent injuries. A fine of this size clearly sends a message to automakers that delays in reporting potential hazards or defective parts will not be tolerated."

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Unintended Acceleration Lawyers

  • Sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) is an auto defect that makes a car start accelerating without pressing the gas pedal. It is often accompanied by loss of braking power and can usually only be stopped by putting the car in neutral.
  • The SUA defects have caused hundreds of car crashes, and as many as 89 deaths and 52 injuries, according to CBS News.
  • Toyota has recalled over 10 million cars due to SUA, and it still remains an issue. Nissan recalled 300,000 cars as recently as 8/12/15 for acceleration issues caused by the trim panel.
  • Toyota has been fined over 2.5 Million dollars for their negligence regarding sudden acceleration, and has had to pay more in confidential settlements and verdicts to victims of SUA.
  • If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of sudden unintended acceleration, know your rights and contact an attorney today. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.


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