Types of Injuries Caused by Seat Belts


Seat belts are a crucial part to saving lives in the event of a car crash, but when they fail to do their job, catastrophic results are many times inevitable. If you have experienced an injury or have lost a loved one due to seat belt failure, contact our California Seat Belt Injury Attorneys at 800-561-4887.

Our auto defects attorneys and senior partner, Brian Chase discusses the issues in the auto industry of putting profit before safety. The following is a list of injuries most commonly associated with faulty or defective seat belt restraints suffered in automobile accidents.

Seat Belt Statistics

With the exception of seat belt defects, properly wearing a seat belt increases the chance of survival in a car accident. The following list compiles statistics about people who do and people who do not wear seatbelts.

So make sure to buckle up and stay safe in the event of a car accident. It could just save your life.

For more information on seat belt statistics you can visit cdc.gov.

Child Car Seats

As parents and individuals making sure children are safely transported to and from the doctors, school or a day at the beach, we put our trust in Childrens Car Seats. Seat belts are the main support system that ensure a child's car seat is secure and stays in place in the event of a sudden maneuver or car accident. When a seat belt devices fails, the risk of serious injury or death to a child in a car seat is increased dramatically.

To make sure your child's drive to the park, playhouse or school is a safe drive, here are some tips:

Seat Belt Recalls

A defective seat belt can actually do more harm than good in the event of a car accident. Seat belts have been known to detach from their mounting points, rip or tear on impact, lock-in-clips breaking under pressure and other significantly dangerous situations.

Automotive makers like Hyundai and Ford have dealt with massive seat belt recalls as have many other auto makers and seat belt manufacturers.

At www.AutomotiveOEM.com you can view a list of the world's top seat belt manufacturers.

Many Secondary Injuries Are Also the Result of the Use of Seat Belts, Such as:

Although the use of seat belts has been strongly promoted in the United States for years, many children and adults suffer from serious seat belt related injuries each year. Listed below are just a few of the injuries which may occur as the result of faulty or defective seat belts:

For over three decades, many of the restrain system manufacturers and major vehicle makers in the U.S have been aware that certain seat belt systems are poorly made, and have the ability to unlatch in the event of an accident, causing serious injury, and even death.

Seat Belt Injury Representation

If you or a loved one has suffered from a faulty seat belt injury you should contact a skilled seat belt injury attorney at Bisnar Chase right away. Our auto defect lawyers have the knowledge and experience to successfully represent clients in seat belt defect cases, as well as other auto part liability cases throughout the state. We will use our experience, knowledge and resources to achieve the best possible results for you and your family. Many of these cases are catastrophic and require long term medical care. Our team of experienced attorneys will fight for your right to fair compensation.

Some of Our Auto Defect Victories

$24,744,764 - Auto defect
$7,998,073 - Product liability - motor vehicle accident
$5,000,000 - Auto Defect
$3,075,000 - Product defect - motor vehicle accident
$2,500,000 - Govt. claim, product defect - motor vehicle accident
$2,600,000 - Auto Defect
$2,432,250 - Product liability - motor vehicle accident
$2,250,000 - Auto defect - motor vehicle accident
$2,000,000 - Defective seatback - motor vehicle accident
$1,900,000 - Auto Defect

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