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BISNAR CHASE Files Two Nissan Auto Defects Lawsuits for Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Death in California

Law firm cites Nissan defective car seats as primary cause of fatally injuring one victim, permanently paralyzing another.

December 7, 2011 -- Newport Beach, California -- BISNAR CHASE California Personal Injury Attorneys (http://www.bestattorney.com) today announced they've filed two current auto defects lawsuits against Nissan on behalf of plaintiffs involved in California car crashes who sustained catastrophic injuries that left one dead and rendered the other a permanent paraplegic.

Brian Chase, lead attorney, auto defects expert and partner at BISNAR CHASE, cites defective car seats in Nissan vehicles as the primary cause of catastrophic injuries in both cases.

Chase says the firm's current lawsuits against Nissan, as well as its recent $24.7 million judgment in a trial involving Johnson Controls, further demonstrate the widespread crisis of car seat defects putting drivers at serious risk.

The first case involves Chatsworth resident Phillip Bloom who was the properly restrained rear seat passenger of a 2005 Nissan Xterra when it was involved in a head-on collision on Rt. 18 near Victorville, California in October 2009.

According to court documents, the Xterra's rear car seat cushion latching system and restraint system "catastrophically failed" after the seat broke apart from its floor bracket upon impact, allowing Phillip's body to be violently thrown about the interior of the car during the crash.

Phillip sustained severe abdominal injuries and bone fractures, including an L2 spinal fracture resulting in permanent paraplegia.

The case was filed in San Bernardino County Superior Court on behalf of Philip Bloom against defendants Nissan Motor Co. LTD; Nissan North America, Inc.; the Estate of James William Harris, Deceased; and Hertz Vehicles LLC (# CIVVS 1104714).

The second lawsuit involves plaintiffs Johnella Boynton and Caitlyn Buckspan, administrator of the estate of Brook David Boynton (decedent) who was fatally injured in a rear-end collision on Rt. 73 near Laguna Canyon Road and Laguna Beach, California in October 2009.

Court documents state that Brook was the properly restrained driver of a 2004 Nissan Murano when his vehicle was involved in a rear-end collision. Upon impact, Brook's seat broke and collapsed backwards, rendering the restraint system useless and allowing his body to submarine out from underneath the shoulder and lap belts.

Brook was forcefully ejected from the crash and survived for a few minutes before succumbing to his injuries at the scene a short time later.

The case was filed in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of Brook's mother, Johnella and the administrator of his estate, Caitlyn Buckspan, against defendants Nissan Motor Co. LTD; Nissan North America, Inc.; Barwick Imports, Inc.; Capistrano Nissan; Weseloh Nissan; and Richard Caselli (#30-2011 00509530).

"Defective car seats and restraint systems are seriously injuring and killing innocent drivers on today's roadways," said Brian Chase. "The tragedy is that automakers and equipment manufacturers care more about profit than protecting the safety of their customers. Too much has been lost for automakers to continue to justify cutting costs at the expense of human safety. This is a widespread issue that warrants national attention."


The California Personal Injury Attorneys of BISNAR CHASE (http://www.bestattorney.com) represent people who have been very seriously injured or lost a family member due to a defective product, an accident or negligence throughout the nation from their Newport Beach, CA offices. The BISNAR CHASE auto defects law firm has won a wide variety of auto defect cases against most of the major auto manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Chrysler. Brian Chase, the firm's lead trial attorney, is the author of the most up-to-date and comprehensive auto defect book available today, "Still Unsafe at Any Speed: Auto Defects that Cause Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries. For more information, visit Mr. Chase's blog at http://www.ProductDefectNews.com .

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