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    Gavin Long: OCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year

    Gavin Long discusses a $3 million verdict that he won for a client who was injured when trying to help a friend's dog in the middle of the road.

    "; ?> H. Gavin Long - California Personal Injury Attorney

    H. Gavin Long - Partner, Trial Lawyer

    H. Gavin Long, California Personal Injury Trial LawyerThe Thrill of Fighting for What's Right

    Gavin Long is a California trial lawyer and partner of the firm. For Gavin Long, the courtroom is a place of justice for those injured at the fault of another.

    Whether it's a fortune 500 company or a drunk driver that caused catastrophic injury to his client, Gavin is a champion for personal injury law.

    "We have good laws here in California," he says. "The challenge for personal injury attorneys is to make sure people and corporations follow those laws."

    Professional Legal Accomplishments

    Gavin Long: OCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year

    Gavin has a wide range of jury trial experience in cases from murder and fraud to medical malpractice in state and federal courts. For example, just in the last year, has taken nine personal injury cases to trial and has obtained verdicts above the defendant's offer in all nine trials, beat the plaintiff's CCP 998 in four of the trials and "busted" the defendant's insurance policy in three of the trials.

    Gavin was also appointed to the Consumer Attorneys of California's (CAOC) Board of Governors and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.

    Gavin is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), an honor bestowed only on the most elite group of lawyers in the nation.

    Avvo 5 Star Rated attorney specializing in personal injury, dog attacks, brain injuries, car accidents and wrongful death cases. Mr. Long was a legal presenter for Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association.

    Gavin is also awarded the 2019, 2020 Lawyers of Distinction honor and in May 2019 secured an $11 million dollar jury verdict for a negligence case resulting in a wrongful death. The opposing side offered less than $500K.

    In November of 2019, Gavin secured a $5.3 million jury verdict in a case where Gavin’s client was riding a motorcycle and was cut off by the defendant’s vehicle. The defense accused Gavin’s client of speeding, and that if he was traveling the speed limit the crash would not have happened.  The opposing side offered $125K.  

    Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America for work in:

    Gavin is a member of the top 1 percent of attorneys in the nation who are members in this oldest and most prestigious organization in the country. Gavin has also won the honor of Top Gun and Trial Lawyer of the Year with the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.

    Fighting the Insurance Companies

    During his time at Bisnar Chase, since April 2012, Gavin has handled a large number of auto accident cases, taking a number of those cases to a jury trial and winning an overwhelming majority of those cases. In 2019 alone, Gavin has helped clients secure about $16 million in total recovery.

    What Gavin absolutely relishes about the process is fighting and winning against unscrupulous insurance companies - corporations that have absolutely no problems playing hardball with injured victims who are trying to get their lives back on track after a traumatic, life-altering event.

    "When I expose these insurance companies and their tricks, I just love that," Gavin says. "I love taking the insurance companies down. People diligently pay their premiums to insurance companies thinking that they'll get compensated during a time of need. But, instead, they find out after an accident that they have to jump through hoops. And after all that, they may not get anything."

    It's wrong to assume that the insurance company is your friend, Gavin says. "In the cases I've handled, the insurance companies just didn't care. When you get hurt, you're not a person. As far as the insurance company is concerned, you're just a file. You could be severely injured, you could be in a wheelchair, but to them, you're just a file."

    Fighting and Winning Tough Cases

    Gavin knows how to put up a fight. In a recent case, Gavin was able to secure a $11M verdict for a rehabilitation center wrongful death. In another case, Gavin won $5.3M by jury trial on a case where the defendant offered $125K for a motor vehicle vs. motorcycle case.

    Wrongful Death Verdict: Rehabilitation Center

    Motor Vehicle vs. Motorcycle: TBI

    Early Life and Education

    Gavin is an Orange County native. He graduated from Servite High School in Anaheim where he was a star football player. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1996 and from Whittier Law School in 1999. He was a recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award for securing the highest grades in his study of Torts and Evidence. Gavin worked with nationally renowned trial attorney Herbert Hafif under whom he handled all phases of litigation and trial preparation work in cases involving catastrophic personal injury, complex business litigation, federal False Claim Act cases and insurance bad faith.

    Some of Gavin Long's Case Results
    Award Amount Type of Case
    $11,000,000 Jury verdict in facility negligence case
    $5,300,000 Jury verdict motorcycle injury
    $6,685,000 Auto v. Auto +defect
    $3,000,000 Jury verdict in auto v. pedestrian case
    $1,950,000 Auto v. Auto
    $1,150,000 Auto v. Pedestrian
    $1,000,000 Truck v. Auto
    $1,000,000 Rehab Facility
    $1,000,000 Premise Liability
    $850,000 Auto v. Auto
    $555,000 Auto v. Auto
    $500,000 Auto v. Auto
    $500,000 Auto v. Auto
    $450,000 Auto v. Auto
    $360,000 Auto v. Auto

    A Valuable Team Member

    Brian Chase, senior partner and experienced trial lawyer at Bisnar Chase says Gavin is an extremely valuable member of his team. "Gavin is tremendously motivated and passionate about what he does. His results demonstrate the superior caliber of his work, skills and abilities. We are fortunate to have him on the Bisnar Chase team."

    Gavin Long and wife Rebekah

    Personal Side of Mr. Long

    Gavin has been happily married for 20 years. Gavin met his wife, Rebekah, when she was 19 years old and she has stood firmly by his side through this incredible life journey. Rebekah continues to be Gavin's inspiration and his best friend - he could not ask for a better life partner.

    Contact H. Gavin Long

    To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Long, please call 949-203-3814.

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