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Anaheim Car Accident Attorneys

Are you dealing with the after affects of a car accident? Our Anaheim auto accident attorneys can review your case free of charge and see if we can help you. Our car accident lawyers have collected over two hundred million in verdicts, judgments and settlements and we've been representing Anaheim vehicle accident victims since 1978. We have the experience and the means to take on some of the most complex cases.

We only represent Anaheim plaintiffs so you'll never have to worry about your lawyer switching sides or not looking out for your best interest. We have never represented the insurance companies. Many of them fear us and for good reason. We work hard to get fair compensation for our clients and if that means going to trial, we will.

Hiring an experienced Anaheim car accident lawyer will be a serious decision. Choose wisely and go with one that has the reputation to back them up. Call us today 949-203-3814

Filing a Car Accident Claim

Right after you've been involved in a car accident be sure to seek immediate medical attention and keep notes of the accident. If you consult with a personal injury law firm they'll want to take down all aspects of the car crash for your case. A good car accident attorney will have a great deal of expertise in accident reconstruction. Your case may or may not go to trial so hiring an injury law firm that has trial experience is a must. If you don't, your case may get handed off to another injury firm half way through the process.

This adds confusion to your case and can dramatically slow it down. Be sure that you go only with a reputable and highly experienced law firm. There are hundreds of personal injury attorneys in Anaheim but that doesn't mean they're right for your case. A reputable car accident law firm will not charge you in advance for taking your case. If you are asked upfront for money, that's a sign to look elsewhere. There are building blocks to every car accident claim but the research, depositions, witness accounts, medical referrals and testing is all handled by a solid car accident attorney. Don't compromise when it comes to your car accident claim.

Pedestrian Safety in Anaheim Deserves Special Attention

Streets and intersections frequented by pedestrians deserve special attention. With 13 pedestrian accidents in 2009 and a growing number in 2012, there is a need for more focus on pedestrian safety in Anaheim. The number of people, mostly tourists walking around the city and combined with the traffic congestion to tourist sites leaves pedestrians at an added disadvantage.

There are hundreds of thousands of people coming through Anaheim every year visiting local vacation destinations, and with that many pedestrians surrounding Disneyland, pedestrian accidents increase. While local residents have fought for more stop signs and traffic signals to slow down traffic, Anaheim's policies are based on specific guidelines. These take into account traffic and pedestrian volumes, accident history, and any unusual conditions. In fact, the city points to studies that show how simply improving an intersection's visibility by prohibiting parking near it is often more effective in reducing potential conflict points. They insist that too many stop signs reduce their effectiveness, and that they're typically ignored by drivers speeding up between stop signs.

Experience Matters

Representing your auto accident case is a serious matter to our attorneys and staff. Bisnar Chase has the experience and the means to take on very large or difficult legal cases. Sometimes, cases other law firms would not. We are confident in our experience in and out of the courtroom. To see if you might qualify for our representation please call 949-203-3814 today to schedule a free consultation.

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