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Do I have a case for my accident injury?

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Aggressive Personal Injury Lawyers

John Bisnar and Brian Chase in our OC officeBisnar Chase personal injury attorneys have over three decades of experience helping plaintiffs recover compensation for their losses.

Our team of injury lawyers are top rated and have won multiple awards for their work in the personal injury field including:

  • 2013 Top Attorney In O.C.
  • 2012 Attorney of the Year
  • CAOC 2012 Trial Lawyer of the Year Nominee, CAALA

We've recovered close to 200 million for our clients since 1978. With aggressive representation and resources to take on big cases, we know what it takes to make the most of your personal injury claim and to protect your rights.

Time Limits Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Filing

Don't relinquish your personal rights. If you've been injured, you may need a personal injury lawyer. And you may need one fast.

State statutes of limitation limit the amount of time injury victims have to file a personal injury claim. Here's why you should consider filing: Personal injury, which is defined as a physical or emotional injury and can cover anything from motor vehicle accidents to on-the-job injuries to injuries sustained through assault, can affect much more than your body. The impact of personal injury can also include mental or economic damage, such as emotional trauma, inability to work, and expensive medical bills.

Your Case is Our Top Priority

Bisnar Chase has been helping the victims of personal injury and their families obtain justice since 1978. Personal injury cases aren't always "cut and dry" and they can involve everything from defective household products to negligent employers to third-party liability affecting product manufacturers and stores. The lawyers at Bisnar Chase know that your personal health and safety is a top priority. When your health is compromised by personal injury, you could be eligible for generous compensation for your injuries.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers know how to fight and win lawsuits. From slip-and-fall injuries to poisoning or burn cases and everything in between, we have the financial and physical resources to get your case to trial and to a positive verdict or generous settlement. Why let negligent employers, property owners, or individuals get away with threatening others' safety, health and well-being with personal injury? Fight back with the help of our aggressive, experienced team.

Act Quickly to Preserve Your Rights

The National Safety Council identifies several types of common personal injuries, including slip and falls, transportation injuries, overexertion, being struck by an object, contact with sharp objects, poisoning, and burns. If you've experienced any of these injuries or have sustained an accident, you could be eligible for compensation and justice. A highly qualified personal injury attorney can help you determine if you indeed have a case.

Contact Bisnar Chase today for a completely free, completely confidential consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. It could be the first step to gaining justice for yourself and protecting others against future injury.

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