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California Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Orange CountyWhen pedestrians take to the streets in our busy cities, they put themselves at risk. Even if they abide by all traffic regulations, pedestrian accidents are a very real possibility. When a pedestrian is hit by several thousand pounds of metal and steel, even a low-speed accident can result in serious injury or death. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that a pedestrian was injured in traffic every seven minutes in 2000; pedestrians accounted for 11.3 percent of all traffic deaths that year.

It's an unfortunate fact that children and the elderly are the most at risk when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Children sometimes run into streets with no regard for fast moving automobiles, often in pursuit of a toy, pet or another child. They may also walk between parked cars or turn their bikes into traffic without warning. Often, in an attempt to recover a child, parents will run into traffic, exposing themselves to oncoming traffic. The elderly lack the agility to traverse crosswalks quickly and in situations where others may avoid an accident, the elderly can be helpless. The use of canes, wheelchairs or other mobility aids can also slow the elderly, putting them at greater risk for pedestrian accidents.

The pedestrian accident attorneys in California at Bisnar Chase have experience defending the rights of the severely injured. Pedestrian accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Cars that fail to stop at a cross walk
  • Cars that fail to yield right of way
  • Cars that do not come to a full stop at a stop sign or signal
  • Drivers that pass school buses or speed in school zones
  • Autos that don't stop before turning right on a red light
  • Drivers who travel too fast down neighborhood streets
  • Drivers who do not provide enough room for pedestrians on narrow roads

When pedestrians are involved in accidents with autos, the result is almost always catastrophic. The physical and emotional strain a pedestrian accident involves can devastate individuals and families alike. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys will fight to recover monies you are owed for things like costly medical bills, coverage for future medical treatment, out of pocket expenses, and compensation for your pain and suffering. We can also recover lost wages (past, current, and future) due to injuries suffered in your pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accidents can tear a life apart in an instant, causing economic losses as well as life-changing disabilities and injuries or even a death. The law firm of Bisnar Chase has a long history of effectively advocating for pedestrian clients in California courts. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for personal injury clients. To talk with us about the possibility of filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit, please call 1 (866) 909-6161.


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