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Over 400 well-known over-the-counter and prescription drugs for Cold, Flu, Cough, Allergy and Sinus trouble, as well as Diet Aids and Energy/Metabolism Boosters have recently been pulled from the shelves. These products contained a product named phenylpropanolamine or PPA, which has recently been linked to stroke and heart attacks. PPA is used in cold and allergy medications to relieve nasal congestion and in diet products to control appetite.

Literally thousands of innocent consumers have suffered strokes and heart attacks, often resulting in death or disablement, from taking these popular medications. People who are taking products containing PPA are at an increased risk of hemorrhagic strokes or bleeding of the brain. It has recently been linked to causing up to 500 strokes each year and the FDA has significant concern because of the seriousness of a stroke and the inability to predict who is at risk.

If you or someone you love has suffered a heart attack or stroke in the past and may have been taking a medication containing PPA, (click here for a list of some popular products containing PPA) please contact our office immediately for a free consultation at 1-866-909-6161 or fill out our convenient on-line contact form.

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Sulzer Orthopedics has recently issued a recall of their hip replacement implants. According to Sulzer, an oily residue was left on the surface of the implanted shell due to a manufacturing mistake. This residue can cause inflammation, pain and can also prevent the patient's bones from bonding normally with the implant, causing loosening of the shell.

Some patients will require surgery to remove the defective implant and replace it with a new one. The actual number of patients who must have the replacement surgery is unknown at this time, but the hip implant shell is implanted in approximately 17,500 patients per year. Sulzer estimates that most of the patients implanted with the recalled hip replacements had their surgeries in California, Texas, Florida and Arizona.

Some of the symptoms caused by the defective implants include:

  • Pain when rising
  • Pain when standing
  • Pain in the groin or inner thigh area
  • The inability to bear weight on your leg.

If you are experiencing any of the above complications, or any type of discomfort or pain due to a hip implant, call your doctor immediately.

If you or someone you care about has had a Sulzer Orthopedics hip replacement implant in the past and is experiencing pain and/or discomfort, call a physician and then call Bisnar Chase, Personal Injury Attorneys and Counselors at Law, 1-866-909-6161. Click here to fill out our convenient on-line form for an immediate case evaluation. We can you recover the costs of an additional surgery and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Bisnar Chase, Championing the Rights of Consumers and holding the Wrongdoers Accountable for their negligence.

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Legal Eagles - Orange Coast Magazine

"What we do is about making society a safer place and saving lives. It's not solely about the money, which greatly contributes to repairing the lives of our clients," says Brian Chase. "We accomplish this by holding wrongdoers accountable for their negligence and assisting their victims in putting their lives back together," adds John Bisnar, who has been representing accident victims since 1978.

Bisnar Chase, LLP is one of California's Premier Personal Injury law firms and is headquartered in Newport Beach. Managing Partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase are expert personal injury attorneys and have consistently achieved multi-million dollar results for their clients.

The past year has been filled with achievements. Bisnar Chase recovered a substantial, confidential, amount from Ford Motor Company for their use of faulty seat belts in their vehicles, which resulted in paralysis and, ultimately, the death of a young girl. Bisnar Chase is seeking a recall of the faulty seat belts.

In December 2000 the firm recovered $2.5 million from the State of California, on behalf of a young mother who was paralyzed as the result of a dangerous condition in a State park. After the settlement the State corrected the dangerous condition and has hopefully hightened it's compliance with their own safety guidelines. The woman's former attorneys, after months of representation, told her she had no case.

"By holding wrongdoers accountable for the harm they cause, we create an economic incentive for people and companies to operate in a safe and prudent manner. Personal Injury Attorneys, who operate with this philosophy, are the great equalizers of our society." John Bisnar

Bisnar Chase have represented many clients, mostly children, who have been victims of vicious dog attacks. In order to assist the public with more information on this growing danger and what to do in case of an animal attack, see http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/dog_care/stay_dog_bite_free/.

The firm recovered nearly $3 million for a man severely burned while on the job, which resulted in safety changes by the defendant. They recovered over $2 million for another man who was seriously injured on the job, after his previous attorney advised him his maximum recovery would be $15,000.00. In 1999 Bisnar Chase fought an injury case all the way to the Supreme Court. After the Supreme Court heard Mr. Chase's arguments, the Court adopted his position as the law in California.

Based on the firm's excellent reputation in the legal community, many of their cases are referred by other lawyers. Bisnar Chase takes pride in being the Personal Injury Department of many lawyers who practice other areas of law or do not have the resources or legal expertise to handle serious and catastrophic injury cases.

To provide the best legal representation to their clients, Bisnar Chase limits the types and number of cases it accepts. Representation is limited to injury accidents, including auto, traffic and aircraft accidents, nursing home negligence/abuse, dog bites, defective products, premise liability, failure to warn and on-the-job injuries.

"I specifically went to law school to become a personal injury trial attorney. It is what I love, what I do, and what I am." Brian Chase

The partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, are both Pepperdine Law School graduates. They are active in their communities as well as in esteemed legal circles and are members of the local, state and national trial lawyers associations. Mr. Chase is Treasurer and Education Chair of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA) and is on the Board of Directors of the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC). Mr. Chase regularly lectures to groups of lawyers on the topics of personal injury and litigation.

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Bisnar Chase Petition the Federal Government for a Total Recall of Faulty Seatbelts!

Bisnar Chase, during aggressive representation of the family of a 14 year old girl who died as the result of injuries sustained in an accident wherein she was wearing her seatbelt, uncovered previously undisclosed information which confirms the ongoing known use of faulty seatbelts by major US automobile manufacturers. Armed with this new and vital information, Bisnar Chase have petitioned the Federal Government for a Total Recall of these seatbelts in an effort to save future lives! For full disclosure of details and to read our Press Release and case results, please visit our new informational website dedicated to providing this information to the public at www.seatbeltlaw.com.

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